Alphabets (A – Z) are introduced for the sake of recognition of letters and correct pronunciation (phonetically). In Pre Primary, the children are introduced to two and three letter words, their pronunciation and written representation.


Develops child's ability to recognize and write basic numbers (1 – 9). In Pre Primary numbers are added (1 – 100). The concept of big/small, more/less etc. with a clear perspective of shapes is taken up.


Awareness of the environment and child's perspective towards Self, School, Family, Cleanliness, Manners, Birds, Animals, Water, Our Helpers, Seasons etc.


From Pre School onwards: Begins with recognition of letters, pronunciation and use in the form of simple words and sentences.

Art & Craft

Covers a creative and wonderful world of colors.

Teaching – Learning Strategies

  • Activity Based: Child friendly activities
  • Creative Art & Craft activities
  • Puppets – use of puppetry to conduct classes
  • Songs, Rhymes
  • Excursions
  • Outdoor activities: games, swings
  • Stage activities : Dancing, Enacting, Rhymes, Skits


  • To develop clarity in speech
  • To develop clarity of thought and expression
  • To develop ability to reason

Value Based Education

  • Importance of values are kept in mind while preparing and designing lessons.
  • Begins with morning assembly – where prayers, rhymes, exercises and celebration of special days are conducted
  • The story time at the end of the day has a moral to each story told.

This covers the psychological, physical and emotional, growth of each child.